Champions League and Europa League

Good morning,

Bad day yesterday, I’ll post the betting bank update after today’s games.

Some thoughts for today’s and tomorrow’s matches for Champions League and Europa League, not based on mathematical analysis, but as a football fan.

Chelsea – Rennes (Champions League – Today)

I have watched both teams recently. They are good at attacking but vulnerable in the defense line. The pace would be fast today, if I were to bet something, I’d choose Goal-Goal or Goal-Goal + Over 2.5 goals.


Benfica – Rangers (Europa League – Tomorrow)

Ok, Benfica is a much better team, playing at home, and the trainer is one of the best in Europe. I think the odds are much higher than expected, so I would like to bet on a home win.


Real Sociedad – Alkmaar (Europa League – Tomorrow)

There is no comparison between these teams. By any means, Alkmaar is an excellent team for the Eredivisie, but Sociedad is a fantastic team for La Liga. There is a vast difference between these two divisions. I want to bet on 1 + Over 1.5 goals.


Zoria – AEK Athens (Europa League – Tomorrow)

AEK Athens misses its right center back due to coronavirus. The midfield players will have their 8th straight game, and they are playing the full 90 minutes in every game due to the absences of other midfielders. Couch Carrera will also miss the match due to a possible coronavirus illness.

Both teams want the victory in this, a draw doesn’t do any good to either of them. Saying all that, both teams will score, but I don’t know if they will manage to score a second one. There is no 3-0 for anyone in this game. I want to bet on Goal-Goal or to Goal-Goal + Over 2.5 goals.


Well, that’s it for today. Of course, you can always check our analysis here and consult our suggestions here.

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