Football games analysis Dec 04 – Dec 07


We posted analysis for 141 games, from 14 divisions:

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Good luck!

Bundesliga (Germany) … 9 games.

Premier League (England) … 10 games.

Championship (England) … 12 games.

League One (England) … 12 games.

League Two (England) … 12 games.

Conference (England) … 10 games.

Ligue One (France) … 10 games.

Super League (Greece) … 7 games.

Serie A (Italy) … 10 games.

Serie B (Italy) … 10 games.

Eredivisie (Holland) … 9 games.

Primeira Liga (Portugal) … 9 games.

La Liga (Spain) … 10 games.

Segunda Division (Spain) … 11 games.

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