Past football games’ results

In this dataset, you can find the results for football games that took place from 2006 to 2020. The data is in the R-Language dataset form, and you must unzip the file before you use it.

I remind you that in R there is a distinction between capital and lower-case letters. For example, the name Div is not the same with the name div.

Past football games’ results in R-dataset form.

The file contains the following columns:

Div: The code of the football division.

Season: The football season, gDate: The date game took place.

HomeTeam, AwayTeam: The teams involved.

FTHG, FTAG, FTR: Goals for home, away and final result, HTHG, HGAG, HTR: Goals for home, away and result for half time.

HS, AS, HST, AST: Shots for home and away team, shots on target for home and away team (if available).

Home, Draw, Away, Over, Under: Average odds offered for this game.

HTres, res, OU, GgNg: Half-time and full-time result in form of 1,X,2, Over/Under 2.50 goals and Goal-Goal, No-Goal mark.

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