MATH to WIN: Football

What do you need to make a smart decision? What do you need to place a value bet?

Basically, you need two things, reliable information and a set of tools to transform that information into a profitable decision. Well, that book provides both of them. 

This book : 
  • Does NOT contain “profitable systems”.
  • Does NOT contain ridiculous information such as “choose the best odds” or “please do not bet your house”.
  • Does NOT contain simple rules to make you rich.
  • Does NOT require special knowledge. 





This book CONTAINS:


  • A thorough analysis for fourteen (14) divisions from England (Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, National League), France (Ligue 1), Germany (Bundesliga), Italy (Serie A, Serie B), Spain (La Liga, La Liga 2), Netherlands (Eredivisie), Portugal (Primeira Liga) and Greece (Super League).
  • Optimized equations for every division to predict many outcomes for every game. For example, you can predict the possibilities for game’s result (1, X, 2), for goals number (Over / Under 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 goals) and for any other combination of outcomes you may need (1+Over 2.5, 2+Under 3.5 etc.)
  • Tens of real-life examples of games that took place in past years with detailed analysis, prediction and evaluation. See how the mathematical approach helps us to define if positive value exists in a given outcome and how to turn the bookmakers odds to our benefit.